Why hire a Professional Organizer?

A Professional Organizer will come in and help you get control of the clutter by giving you easy to use System‘s that will be simple for you to maintain.  

What are the benefits of being Organized?

Everything! Being organized gives you more time to spend doing the things you love and want to do instead of wasting time trying to find things.

*15 to 20% of the average American’s household budget is spent on buying duplicates of items that were misplaced or lost as a result of disorganization. (NAPO)

*Only 20% of the things we file will ever be retrieved again. (NAPO)

*Getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in the average home. (National Soap and Detergent Association)

What happens at the initial Consultation?

We look at the areas you are concerned with and discuss how those spaces  are/are not currently working for you.  After zoning in on the desired spaces  and needs, we discuss the various solutions and the estimated time it would  require.  You are under no obligation to sign up for our services if you do not see the benefit of our services.

Are appointments confidential?

We pride ourselves in client confidentiality!  We know that you are trusting us  with your personal space and belongings, so we have you sign our  Confidentiality Agreement to give you peace of mind.  

What if I am too embarrassed of my space?

We have seen everything, and so there is no judgement. We say, “Bring on  the Clutter” because we love the huge transformations and knowing that we  have helped our client creata a functional, and organized space.